Tuesday, 27 September 2011


People around the globe have been trying to apply for a US Bank Account but were denied by the extremely restrictive conditions they have been required to fulfill before they could get one, after the September 11th 2001 attacks, the US government issued what is known as the “USA Patriot act” that was meant to avoid any future attacks of the same kind. One of the measures that are included in that document is that non US residents cannot hold a US Bank Account as they did before. Today, getting a US Bank Account the regular way when you are not a US citizen is still impossible or to be more accurate, difficult and very costly.
But there are alternative such as an innovative solution called US Virtual Bank Account by payoneer for CardHolders. As you can see, this is NOT a real US Bank Account, it is just a virtual one! In practice, things work this way: Payoneer gets a mega Bank Account with a partner US bank under which sub accounts are created for each Payoneer customer in order to provide them with unique account numbers they can use to get payments.
Payoneer is very useful and quite smart! Anyone is now able to enjoy the benefits of a US Bank Account without the hassle.

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